The Code celebrates successful first workshops in secondary schools

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11th May 2017

Throughout March, over 100 of our people took their enthusiasm, experience and energy into 40 schools and helped deliver Digital Media and Advertising taster sessions to year 9 students across the UK. This is the first work with schools we’ve delivered since launching The Code earlier in the year and feedback so far has been great.

The Code in a snapshot:

  • Over 400 of our people, from across our brands have signed up to take part
  • We’ve trained over 100 of our people to deliver workshops in schools
  • Across the UK we delivered 40 workshops to schools in London, Stafford, Manchester and Leeds in just one month
  • We reached 1,500 young people and gave back over 850 hours of community time to schools
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More about the workshops

During last months’ workshops, students were given an introduction into our industry including, covering topics such as branding, advertising, the types of channels we use and how to create a successful marketing campaign. Students were challenged to bring a brief to life promoting a new app for a client and pitched back their ideas to the class at the end of the session.

What our people said:


What the students told us

We’ve had fantastic feedback from teachers and students. Here’s some of the headliner feedback we’ve received from the students who took part:

  • 90% of student’s said that the workshop helped them feel better prepared for the world-of-work
  • 80% of student’s said that they would like to find out more about career opportunities in advertising and digital marketing
  • 91% of student’s said that the workshop increased their understanding of the advertising and digital marketing industry

…and here’s how they described the workshop:


So what’s next for The Code?

We’re now busy selecting 12 regional schools to partner with on an ongoing basis from September. We’ll work with schools based near our offices across the UK in London, Stafford, Newcastle Manchester, Leeds and Edinburgh.

Be part of it:

We’ll also be launching a nation-wide Digital Challenge to kick off the academic year this September, where we will be encouraging all schools across the UK to take part.

  • The Digital Challenge will encourage students to work together on a brief which will be submitted online and judged by a panel of VIPs
  • The brief will ask students to identify a behavioural/ societal problem they would like to change and think about how would implement this in a successful campaign i.e. cyber bullying, racism, environment etc.
  • The competition will run from mid-September – November 2017 and is open to students from years 10-12
  • We are busy creating content and resources for students to access in preparing their response to the brief at the moment.
  • All of the resources will be available for students through an online ‘hub’ and will guide them in the lead up to their Digital Challenge submission.

If you’d like more information on about the Digital Challenge for your school, or about The Code more broadly – email us at

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